Rules of the Contest

Art.1: Location and Dates

The third international trumpet competition "Theo Charlier" will take place in Belgium, Namur, from Sunday, October 27st, 2019 to Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 inclusive.

Art.2: Organization

The competition is organized by the nonprofit association "Brass Promotion". The musical direction of the contest will be provided by Dominique Bodart, a member of the association.
The competition includes a first preliminary round, semifinals (six candidates) and a final (three candidates).
All events are public.
The playing order at the tests will be determined by drawing lots.

Art.3: Jury

The jury is composed of personalities from the musical world chosen by the competition management independently.
The jury will be officially announced three months before the start of the competition and can be changed in case of withdrawal of one of the members of the jury by decision on the competition management.

Candidates do not have the right to object to the selection of the jury, nor on any of its members.

The jury will deliberate at the end of each session. In case of ties, the only jury is empowered to designate the candidates who advance to the next round.

The jury reserves the right not to award all prizes.

The first grand prize "Theo Charlier" will not be shared.

The jury's decisions are final.

Art.4: Candidates

The third international trumpet competition "Theo Charlier" is open to trumpeters of all nationalities, without age limit.
Only the direction of the contest is entitled to decide on the admission of candidates after reviewing the records. Candidates admitted to the competition will be individually informed and can play with the trumpet of their choice.

Art.5: Registration

The deadline for registration is September 29th, 2019 (date of postmark).
On that date each application must be complete, namely:

  1. The registration form duly completed and signed, or via the online form.
  2. A photocopy of the identity card or passport
  3. A curriculum vitae written in French or English (one typed page) mentioning musical studies, main teachers, awards won, employment status.
  4. A recent picture
  5. Receipt of registration fee in the manner indicated in Article 6 of this Rules of Contest

Competition management notifies the acceptance of the bid to October 7th, 2019 to each candidate.

In case of withdrawal of the candidate after the close of registration, neither the record nor the registration fee will be returned to the applicant.

Art.6: Fees

Registration fees are set at 150 euros and must be paid at the same time as sending the registration file.

This amount may be paid to the account of the association "Promotion Brass' opened with ING Bank mentioning the name of the candidate.

IBAN : BE84 3631 4791 7259

The organizers of the competition will receive the net amount without having to support any additional costs associated with the payment.

Checks are not accepted.

Expenses for living are the responsibility of the candidates.

Art.7: Sequence

Each candidate will be personally warned about the day of rehearsal with piano, and about his schedule at the elimination round.

For the first round and the semi-finals, the competition management will provide candidates a professional pianist to accompany. Candidates may be accompanied by a person of their choice at their own expense.

Only one rehearsal session will be supported by the competition management for each of the first two rounds.

Art.8:  Program

First contest session

- Allemande from Partita N°2 for unaccompanied violin

J S Bach (Michael J Gisondi)

- Concerto         

Reinhold Glière

Semi-final session

- Incantation, thrène et dance

Alfred Desenclos

- Im Stile von Albéniz

Rodion Schedrin (T Dokshizer)

Final session

- New Concerto for Trumpet and strings orchestra

Stan Niewenhuis

- Concerto in Eb Maj      

Jan Křtitel Jiří Neruda


Art.9: Awards

First prize: € 6,000 (six thousand euro)

Second prize: € 4,500 (four thousand five hundred euro)

Third prize: € 3,000 (three thousand euro)

Each of the three semi-finalists who do not pass final will receive € 500 (five hundred euros).

Art.10: Rights

By registrating at the Third International Trumpet Competition "Theo Charlier," the applicant assigns its broadcasting rights and any benefit in connection with this contest to the association "Brass Promotion". In this sense, the name / photos and / or recordings may for example be used for promotional purposes.

The fact of competing implies on the part of the candidates acceptance of these Rules of Contest.